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About Us

DT Software Ltd. was established in the spring of 2010 to provide an information point about the range of software used by D&T departments in UK schools and to provide a specialist retail service for items of software that are not available elsewhere.

Madeleine and Paul, the two directors of DT Software Ltd., have a combined total of over 70 years experience in secondary and further education.

Paul has taught D&T for 23 years and was a subject leader/head of faculty for most of this time.  Since 1997 Paul has been a D&T adviser working for a county advisory service as well as an independent consultant. During his advisory work Paul has been an accredited trainer of Pro/DESKTOP, Pro/ENGINEER and SpeedStep. In 2009, Paul was presented by DATA with a D&T Excellence Award in Category 1 for Outstanding Contribution to Design & Technology.

Madeleine has taught in secondary schools and in further education. Her last position was as a programme leader for ‘Access to HE’.   

About ICT in D&T

The Secondary National Curriculum subject that makes the best use of ICT is Design & Technology (DT).   D&T teachers have known it for years and HMI have confirmed it in their subject reports. The reasons for this are clear; with ICT our pupils can, amongst other things:

  • Generate, organise and develop their ideas using CAD programs
  • Research materials, their properties and manufacturing methods to inform their designing
  • Find out about systems and control and experiment with the functionality of their virtual designs
  • Present and evaluate their ideas in a clear and professional way
  • Manufacture products to high degrees of accuracy using CAM

DT Software Ltd. Making ICT in D&T easier

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